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Autoscaling Cloud

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Free Website Migration


30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Free SSL Security

Fast Web

High Performance Guaranteed

Linux Hosting CDN

Global CDN

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Automatic Malware Scans


Easy To Use Control Panel


Fast SSD Storage

WordPress Hosting on the Cloud.

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting features


✔️ Fully Managed
✔️ Optimised for Desktop, Tablet and Phone
✔️ Samsung SSD Webspace
✔️ Timeline Backups
✔️ Free Wildcard SSL Certificate
✔️ WordPress Staging
✔️ WordPress Tools
✔️ Backup and Restore Your Website and Databases
✔️ Unlimited Subdomains
✔️ Unlimited FTP/SFTP accounts
✔️ Online File Manager
✔️ SSH Access w/ Google 2FA
✔️ Directory Indexing
✔️ One Click G Suite Setup
✔️ Access/Error/Bandwidth Logs
✔️ Custom Errors
✔️ Sitemap Generator
✔️ Migrate Using FTP/SFTP


Cloud Platform


✔️ Load Balanced and Redundant
✔️ Edge Caching for Speed
✔️ Global CDN
✔️ Website Acceleration Suite
✔️ Autoscaling Platform Resources
✔️ Google-Based DNS Servers
✔️ 40 Gbit/s Network with Multiple Internet Connections
✔️ Redundant Power Supplies, UPS and Generators
✔️ 24 × 7 × 365 Onsite Technicians
✔️ Biometric Security, CCTV and Firewalls
✔️ PCI Compliant Servers
✔️ No LVE Limits

Security Features


✔️ Automatic Malware Scans
✔️ 1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection
✔️ Website Password Manager
✔️ FTP Security Lock
✔️ Brute Force Login Protection
✔️ Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
✔️ Block visitors by IP or Country
✔️ File Permissions Checker
✔️ Hotlink Protection
✔️ Web Application Firewall

Email features


✔️ Unlimited Mailboxes (POP3 & IMAP)
✔️ Catch-all Address Support
✔️ Email Forwarders
✔️ Autoresponders
✔️ Webmail
✔️ Antivirus and Antispam Protection
✔️ Mailbox Autodiscover Support
✔️ DKIM Email Authentication
✔️ Email Subaddressing

Web Hosting Software


✔️ PHP Version Switcher: 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
✔️ Popular Modules (PDO, SOAP, MBString, Mcrypt, XML)
✔️ PHP Ioncube Loader
✔️ phpMyAdmin

Our Promise

✔️ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️ Cancel Anytime
✔️ Never Stand Still

Innovative features make hosting simple.

More than Web Hosting

Autoscaling Cloud Icon FillHost

Autoscaling Cloud

Our unique server technology allows each hosting account autoscale to access entire platform resources as needed.

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Automatic Malware Scans

We include Automatic Malware Scans with all our WordPress Hosting plans

Linux Hosting CDN

Free Global CDN

We include Free Global CDN with all of our WordPress hosting plans to help you get your website up and running faster.

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Free Website Migration

We do free WordPress website migration with all our WordPress hosting. So it's easy switch to us from a hosting.


Free SSL Security

We include Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on all domains so the data passed is always safely.


Fast SSD Storage

All of your files are stored on fast, high-performance solid-state drives.


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Increased performance with FillHost

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Increased performance with FillHost

Our WordPress Hosting packages are performance-optimized.

Just don’t take our word for it: experts concur. According to independent tests conducted by ReviewSignal’s K6, typical WordPress pages hosted on the FillHost platform load in less than a half-second. Other hosts take between 3.67 and 12.94 seconds!

Page speed is critical for achieving higher search engine rankings and retaining satisfied visitors.

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What is WordPress Hosting?

Unlike web hosting, WordPress hosting includes WordPress-optimized servers, which ensures that your website loads quickly and securely. Additionally, you'll receive a WordPress-ready dashboard that enables you to manage WordPress installations simultaneously.

Can I upgrade to a more powerful hosting plan as my website grows?

Without a doubt, Yes. As your business grows, you can easily switch to a more powerful plan. It takes only a few seconds!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are several factors to consider when selecting the best WordPress hosting plan for your website. Some of these factors include the following: -
-How much traffic do you anticipate on your website?
- What type of data will you collect from website visitors?
- How many websites will you be hosting?
- What level of technical expertise do you possess for managing your website's server requirements?
- How much storage and bandwidth do you require for your website?
- Do you require any additional features or support with your hosting plan?

What is the difference between Web Hosting and WordPress hosting?

The main difference between a regular web host and a WordPress host is that the latter is created exclusively for WordPress websites.
This means that WordPress hosting servers are optimised to run as many WordPress websites as possible at maximum speed and performance. Simple web hosting requires a lot of machine-level modifications, plugin installations, and memory optimizations to do the same.
Aside from speed and functionality, a Fillhost WordPress hosting includes built-in security.
For example, you don't need to set up firewall rules or execute virus scans. You're worried about quality content and website promotion.